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Character transfer to another server

As most servers are more or less dead already and because it is evident that the developer ignores that fact and that he obviously refuse to do a server merge even though there are less than 20 active players on some servers I ask if it is possible to at least transfer the character to another game company who cares more about their players than game321 does, that would be at least some kind of attention which you (admins and developers) so obviously lack.

Thank you very much for your non-cooperation and ignorance.


Could you provide us your IGN, server and account information for check? Thanks in advance.


IGN: KosmoKramer
server: 3-Phantom shadow


We need a server merge NOW, or let us transfer our accounts to another game company, because this one is going downhill.


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Hi kosmokrajmer,

We will consider to perform a server merge for a better gaming experience, kindly wait patiently at this moment.


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We have been waiting patiently for 2 years already, you cannot seriously expect that from us anymore, all servers shoud have been merged at least a year ago. Plus it would be better if we merged with another game company like Kabam, as there are not many players on ALL servers on game321 combined, let alone on 1 or 2.


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