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502 Bad Gateway

Can someone inform us what is this? 502 Bad Gateway.. and why?
Can someone inform us how long will be off? When the bugs are reported noone does nothing.
Now that was problems with stuffs giveed from recharged events.. server dow in few sec.

So anyone here to tell us something... Or not

still same error.Dear Q,i think problem isnt here in game321 at all,and even if it was,might be better idea to contact support via ticket.You know,forum has usually its own personnels      
Thumbs up for fast fix,and MERRY XMAS to ya'll!!


Dear "jojojolene" the problem is with game321,because can't login in any server!
  Everywhere this error screen: " 502 Bad Gateway...nginx/1.0.5. "


Wostok the problem was at all wartune server not game321... All server were under menteneince because i understood they made something wrong at Cristhmas wheel.


Hi, it works fine now, have a try please. If you still have problem, please let me know, we will have a check for u.
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