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Soul exchange and engraveing event..

Can someone tell us what is happening with this game? I know this game needs money to be here but this started to make no sense.
Were is the soul engraveing event? its over 3 months we diddnt have it and seems not a change to get it soon.
I dont have lv 80 soul.. and its fair to us now.. everyone in past make it with events..
I started with one new account on the last server, but now i cant rly want to play anymore. Can someone tell me what is the point makeing new server, if for the new players you dont do anything?
Dont forget that you gona lose all the samll players and the players that recharge every month for Vip and small things.
Every day i see more events just for the ones that recharge 100/1000 dollars..

So when we gona have soul engraveing event, mount event, and a nice soul excange event (not 100 souls for 50k gold).

If something is not done.. i wll quit the game and i think more will make like mine.(i have frends whi stoped playing because of this stupid events and all with money)..

Have a nice day (even if you dont care if we dont have).

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