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In game suggestions.

Post Last Edited by at 2014-11-7 11:55

I have some sugestions for the game (if the tech team decide are good). So here i will post them.
*Remove spinning efect for blessing wheel. When i have bad luck and have just 5% at every spin i stay over 15 min to make it 200%.
*It will be great if we can hide players at World Boss. Like this the lag will be smaller and wont have so meny complains about lag. ( i mean something like at Sylph boss were we can hide players).
* Now that the game has some time, it will be great if we can have lv 9 stables or even higher. (for events olso.. lv 9 rewards).
*It will be great if we can convert star tears. For example we need 10 water but i have in the inventori 5water, 3 electro and 2 dark.. Its verry hard to make 10 star tears..

Thanks for all your time and hope you considder my suggestions

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