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Black Screen in lost treasure


also since last patch whenever I beat a monster for last treasure i get a black screen.

Can you make sure that you're using the latest version of Firefox with updated flash player?


Hi, please first clean the cache completely then have a try again. If it still fails, please take screenshot of what it shows, your account, sever and in game name, I will report for you to check.
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Thanks for the tip rourkem, that might not be the case.


Black Screen in TH
Hi! We since that bug in "S7" server to...Every time when finish a treasure map(s) in the CloudCity and really,only there...We lost 1-2 players with "BlackScreen". Unfortunately,this latest patch not resolved this issue...

I have the latest updates from "Firefox" and "FlashPlayer" allways allready,and 100mbit/s net.


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