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Forum Rules and Penalties

1. Don’t post posts with reactionary, violent, pornographic, vulgar and other inappropriate information as well as those with obvious advertisement nature that violates “Internet BBS Service and Management Stipulation” as well as those with obvious advertisement nature.
2. Don’t use vulgar language and language with implication of personal attack in the posts or titles. This includes any discussion on race, politics and religion. As such topics can lead to arguments and flame. An admin will administer warnings and can close, ban and down such threads depending on their nature/intent.
What is flame: Flame is referred to as an insult/comment with ill nature. Comments that can start a flame such as posts to egg others on to argue with them are classified as Flame Bait.

3. Don’t post meaningless posts, repeat posting, and spam posting. If anyone is found out posting posts with topic irrelevant with the threads nature, the admin will issue warnings to said posts. In addition to that spam threads and threads that go across sections will be locked.

What is spamming: Continuously post 4 more topics in the same section, which is known better as flooding. As well as posting comments irrelevant to the threads topic. Posting the same thread in multiple sections also applies to spamming. If it’s in the wrong section then you should request that an admin move it to the correct one instead of posting another one in another section of the forum.
What are meaningless posts: Relies with sole emoticons and symbols; meaningless posts with few words. Such posts aren’t constructive and can be deemed unnecessary.
What is repeat posting: It’s commonly referred to as cross posting. What this means is posting 2 times in a row without someone posting in between your posts. There is an edit function at the bottom if you forget to add something or want to post a reply to someone else make sure to use this function.

4. Don’t discuss other games in the forum. While it is somewhat allowed in off topic, if it breeds on the nature of advertising/promoting it. They will be locked and banned immediately. And all persons involved with such promotion will receive warnings. Those who promote from the start will have their forum account nuked immediately.

5. Please don’t discuss or post any information that is related with cheating programs and private servers in the forum. Once it’s found out, the account will be banned permanently. We’re firm with it. Please obey the game rules and don’t game with the programs from the third party, which are not published by the official website.

6. Don’t publicly conduct commercial activities in the forum such as power-leveling, recruiting and advertising. Please use Private Message or communication software to have all personal contacts. Meanwhile, we’d like to warn everyone that all cash transactions are risky. Should any problem occur, we don’t take the responsibility. The traders will bear all the losses.

7. Increase the awareness of personal protection. Don't click unknown clicks and download files, nor believe and attend any event that is not officially published by the official website. Please note that all events are subject to the official website or announcements under forum event section.

8. Any buying/trading/selling etc. of accounts will be an immediate perm ban when reported/discovered. And certain legal actions may be followed on in addition to the perm ban. This is a serious offense as this game is free to play you are allowed to make an account for your use only. They are not a means to make profit off of or swap with other players. As you have paid nothing to make it you shall not make anything off of it due to the fact that your account is loaned to you. As you take space on the company’s servers the space is loaned to you and is not owned by you.

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