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Wartune Shut Down Notice

Dear Players,

Thank you very much for supporting and loving Wartune for a long time! Wartune is going to stop operating at 00:00 AM on Mar. 14, 2018(PDT).

Specific service shutdown time are as follows:
Shut down top-up service and registration function:
00:00 AM on Feb. 12, 2018

Shut down all servers:
00:00 AM on Mar. 14, 2018

Shut down website,Support and Forum:
Mar. 21, 2018

Players can apply for compensation.
Feb. 12, 2018

Close compensation application. Compensation will be sent within 10 working days.

About the Compensation

To thank everyone’s support for Wartune over the last 5 year, we will give out the uttermost compensation after March 14,2018.
Compensation Request Time:
Feb.12, 0:00:01 –Apr.12, 2018,23:59:59

Compensation Standard: 20% of your total top-up amount in history made for Wartune will be converted into new game coins prorata.

Game for compensation: Players can choose League of AngelsⅡ,League of Angels, DDTank, Ragnarok Journey and MU Classic to receive compensation

For example: Player A has topped up 1,000 USD in Wartune in history. After verifying his/her compensation request, the CS team will send game coins worth 200 USD to the new game character player A chooses to receive compensation within 10 working days after Apr.12,2018.

Compensation procedure and method:
1.Players need to submit a request to redeem Gold and can redeem after being verified by the official staffs.
2. Information required for the request:
Wartune account name
Character name
Gold topped up and 2 latest screenshots with top-up details.
The screenshots must be like these with the transaction id or others as it shows below. Or it is disqualified and you could not get the compensation rewards.Your request post will be ignored and deleted directly!
2018-2-1 02:30

2018-2-1 02:30

New game’s account.
Server name of the new game:
Character name in new game:
3.When a request is submitted, the Wartune account will be frozen. The converted game coins will be sent to the character specified in the request.
4. Compensated rebate will be sent every Wednesday. Please wait patiently.
5. Each account can only receive the compensated rebate once from one character under the same account.

1.It is suggested to use the same account to receive Gold converted from Wartune .
2.The final interpretation right is reserved by Wartune  operation team.

We sincerely hope that you will support and help the development of Game321. Thank you!
If you have questions or problems, please post below or email
Lastly, we hope you enjoy playing new games and get to know more friends!

Wartune Operating Team

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