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Inventory crash...

Post Last Edited by wostok77 at 2015-4-23 05:04

We haved today a maintenance,after this i lose many valuable (!) items from my inventory,from my farm vault i lose all (!) my items... The compensation items from mailbox, can't be extracted in my inventory,he said is full...,but is not!...Have many place free now,after i lose my many items!
Now all items earned,placed in mailbox,not in inventory...and its not full! All players from "Fallen Demon" have the same problem...,pls. do something,and we want back all items lost!

Im : "Sonya", from :"Fallen Demon".
Screenshot (11h 58m 00s).jpg
Screenshot (11h 58m 19s).jpg

Reply 1# wostok77

  Grats Guys,its a nice Work!...You maked this Game totaly unplayable now!!!
  With buged Inventory,We can't use now the Guild Vault and the Mailbox!...And I said nothing,about lost Items!...So,I hope Wartune don't lose to much Players this Time!....  

                                                                                                                                    by: Alexia,from: Fallen Daemon


Hi! Thank U much! -All issues with the inventory and the lost ithems has been fixed!...Have a nice day!


Reply 3# wostok77

Yes, it is fixed already, thanks for you update, happy gaming ~


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