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game not working


I can not log into Wartune at the moment. Is it just me or is anything wrong?

I tried different browsers and cleared the cache. Still can not connect to Wartune.

All other sites and games work fine.

Anyone any idea?


I have that problem me to! -I can't login in "S7" -server...!


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It seems that other players are able to connect into the game though.

I am able to login with my passport but once I choose the server I do not get a connection and a timeout. I tried other servers but it is the same everywhere.

Sorry to hear that wostok, but kinda happy I am not the only one who has this problem. Any idea what the reason might be?


same here cant log server 6


okay, i can log in again now it seems


Hi, all players above, can you log into your account now? I tried all of my severs, I can log in.

By the way, if you have log in problem next time without responsing in the forum after you report, it may because that I am off duty at that time. You can mail your log in problem to, our staff will report your logging problem to check. It will be fast to have a response.  
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