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[Strategy]How to get free UCG's (V1.0)!!!

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Have you ever wanted to get free gaming codes because you didn't want to buy a game or buy in game credits? Well now i am going to teach you a 100% legal way of getting these free codes and games that you want for FREE!
You should all know by now that code generators are all fake and all that they are trying to do is waste your time and steal your money. Using this method you will be able to claim your game code of choice from playing games, watching videos, listening to music, shopping and signing up for random competitions!
My How-to get free UGC's will be very detailed, if you have any questions just put it down in the comments


Here is a copy of the blog, to sign up go to the original site using the link above.
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Step 3
How to claim the free gold? Well we are going to claim a UGC (ultimate gaming card)
Go to      Prizes> Prize search> type “ultimate”
Then you will see

I usually claim the $10 card for the 100 point discount.
Click “claim this item”

“claim this item” again
It will take a few days ( at most a week) for the code to come.

Step 4
After you claimed the card
There should be a mail emailed to your email (username) telling you that you have receive the code.
Click view

Now we place this code into the Game321 charge page : h ttp://

My Completed Offers
Every month or so i will post 5 offers that I have completed to help or show  people that this method for getting free gold does work!
#2 Monthly offers:

Some helpful tips

#1. Cookies
Offers track completions via cookies.  If you are having issues getting credited make sure that your browser accepts cookies and you have no programs such as antivirus software that is blocking cookies. NEVER clear cookies while you are doing an offer.

Before you start an offer completing session for the day, clear your cookies. Clear your cookies after every 5-6 offer completions. For more information on how to clear cookies go to h ttp://w

#2 Proxies
NEVER ever use a proxy while you are on - You will be blocked from completing offers and banned.

#3  Unique email
You may have registered for an advertiser in the past and now you are completing another one of their offers. In this case it may not credit as you are in their database, try creating a new email and redoing the offer

#4. Main page offers
The best converting offers are listed on the main page when you log in. Start with those offers always. Also check the recently credited page.

#5 Daily Surveys
Daily Surveys such as SSI are a GREAT way to rack up points daily. These can be completed once a day as long as you qualify for a survey and reach the last page. They may take 20 mins+ but are worth it.

#6 Offer caps or redirection
Many of our offers have daily caps, which means they are only looking for X completions every day. When an offer caps it will display a message or redirect. Most offer caps reset between 9pm to midnight Pacific time.

#7 Offer stats
Next to each offer is a stats icon, click it to see if it has been crediting anyone recently and if its crediting the majority of users who are attempting the offer. This will help you avoid offers that don't credit well.

#8 Offers from the same family
You may see offers with a similar name such as "MyOffers", that means these are offers from the same advertiser. You are only advised to complete 1 offer from each offer family a day. You may need to create and use a new email with these offers.

#9 Offer directions
This should be obvious but make sure you complete the offer fully according to the directions. When in doubt, signup until you hit the last page and cannot go any further. Confirm any emails sent to you from the advertiser. If it's a survey path offer, make sure you say yes to 2-3 offers on the survey path that interests you to improve crediting chances.

#10 1st attempt
Many offers will only allow you to complete the offer once so be sure to complete the offer on your first click/attempt or else you will be redirected later on.

Finally, please use truthful information. Advertisers are not looking for fake/disposable emails or fake name/address information on offers and that will only get you banned. Use google voice for your phone number if you need to screen calls.

h ttps://ww

Hope this guide helped and happy gaming ^_^

Is this already approved by game321?


got a whole lotta points and 10$ ugc seems to work for the videos too thx alot


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