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Sylph Upgrading/Skills !

The talent Sylphs can be classified by their colors, like white, green, blue, purple and orange. The better talent it has, the stronger it will be. Each time you enchant Sylph’s Growth, one of its attributes will be randomly enchanted to the upper limit. However, it won’t continue to be enchanted until the Sylph is upgraded to the upper level. As well, you can level up your Sylph to upgrade its Talent, Growth and Attributes, and Supulcrumcan be used to enchant Sylph’s Growth. If you sacrifice your Sylph, it will disappear forever, but you can gain some Sepulcrum.

1. Sylph Upgrading:

Active Sylphs will gain EXP as their masters do in battles.
Sylphs can be cultivated in Farms to gain EXP;
Sylphs can engulf others to obtain EXP.

2013-12-4 22:06

2. Reassign the attributes of Sylphs:

Sylph can obtain a certain quantity of attributes, which depends on their growth, and some Attributes Points which can be freely distributed in each leveling up.

2013-12-4 22:06

3. Increase Sylph’s Growth:
Consuming Mahrato will increase your Sylph’s Talent and Growth. The upper limit for growth will also be increased.

2013-12-4 22:06

4. Enchant Sylphs:

Consume Sepulcrum to improve Sylph’s attribute Growth. After sacrificing your Sylph, it will disappear forever, but it will leave behind some Sepulcrum.

2013-12-4 22:06

5. Learn Awakening Skill:
Once reached the corresponding level, the Sylph will be able to learn the stronger Awakening Skill.

2013-12-4 22:06

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